Back Road Photography and Print


Beauty can be seen in all things. I find my beauty down an old dirt road, where the colourful skies meet the golden fields; Where things of the past lay abandoned as artwork on the land and where music doesn’t come from headphones but from all around you under the dancing night sky.  This is where the dream of Back Road photography & Print started, on an old dirt road under an amazing sky. It is where it belongs, where it has grown. From landscapes, to weather, family pictures to portraits, travel and business I love to experience it all.


I am Jenny Hagan, a crazy small town girl from SW Saskatchewan. I have always loved photography. I got my first DSLR three years ago and it hasn’t left my side since. I started out doing landscapes and photos of my 2 wonderful kids, and grew from there. My business that was established in May 2016 has expanded more and started learning the art of prints.


I enjoy capturing life’s moments through my lens and I want my clients to enjoy it as much as I do.  Smiling and laughter is a must during sessions. Let me capture your family or you for who you are!


Lost In Sk


“If you’re not lost you’re not much of an explorer”


I often get lost. I get lost in our sky, in our fields, and in the stars. Its not hard in a world as beautiful as this, so there really is no time to be bored with so much to see. I wanted to bring that love from our backyards to everyone.  Inspire them to get out and look at that sky. This is where Lost In Sk was born.  A little visual blog of life in Saskatchewan and beyond. A place where I let my weirdness shine through and just have fun.  It’s my story, my passion, my love. Travel along with me and always feel free to share travel through your eyes as well as we come together and explore this world one backyard at a time.





I have had a love of severe weather from a very young age. I remember being 5 years old watching the lightning from the second story window of our old farm house. I never really ever stopped watching. In 2011 I started following storms close to me. I would just watch the shear beauty of the sky. In 2013 I started photographing those storms learning as I went. Soon I was travelling all across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta capturing severe weather events.


For 2017 I was invited to join a wonderful team of fellow Severe weather lovers, Shear WX, where I became their first Saskatchewan based severe weather photographer.  The Shear team covers a large base over Alberta and Saskatchewan capturing some amazing severe weather images. This year some of the team even traveled to the US tornado alley following some spectacular severe storms.