A photograph can capture am moment otherwise gone, portray a feeling or tell a story. The story can either be told by the photograph and the one who captured it or by the viewer taking away something from the image before them. That’s the beauty about art it brings different emotions to different people.


For an instance take this photo. A beautiful mountain path as the sunrise burns the foggy haze away amongst the towering pines. You can feel the tranquility of that moment. The whisper of the wind along with the song of the birds in an other wise quiet moment. Would knowing the truth behind the image change a person’s perception I wonder?

This image was taken right here in Saskatchewan in the paths of Cypress Hills Inter provincial park. The moment was tranquil and quiet just as it seems, but there wasn’t much for birds.  Because that fog is not fog at all but the smoky haze from a forest fire the next province over. This visual beauty before me was brought on by the complete destruction of a forest such as this 100’s of miles away. Calm and chaos in the exact same moment miles apart. For me that was the reason this image was taken and for me it told a story that most people would not see.


Did hearing the story change your perception of the image? I’d love to hear your thoughts!